Free Economic and Business School

Free Economic School – is a non-government educational project with an experimental approach to studying. Economists, sociologists, journalists and representatives of other professions, whose activity is related to economic processes, may take training course.

The educatory process consists of four days of intense lections and seminars in theory and practice of macroeconomic processes form leading thinkers and our contemporaries.

Dates of school – April, 21 – 24. 2016

Duration of course – 4 days since 9.00 till 21.00

The course is dedicated to studying macroeconomics, economic processes and reforms, economic security. A range of lectures of economics will include different areas: oil and gas, agricultural sector, infrastructure.

Graduates’ and Trainers’ Feedbacks

Дмитрий Раимов

Dmitriy Raimov

Founder and curator of Free Economic School


Alla Guryanova

Alla Guryanova

Entry Manager in Free Economic School

Viktoria Yermolenko

Viktoria Yermolenko

Entry Manager in Free Economic School, International and Ukrainian Internship Coordinator


Contact information for entry

(Monday – Friday since 9:00 till 18:00, Saturday and Sunday – days off)

+38 044 362 28 36

+38 067 508 68 58

+38 093 252 27 31

mail to: [email protected]

Lectern venue: Volodumurska, st. 57