Graduates’ Internship and International Trips

Since its foundation Free Economic School is involved into broadening horizons of their students and graduates, finding the best companies and financial institutions for employment and internship.

– – – –

For internship and further employment one should successfully graduate lectern, pass examination and creative tests. Internship is supervised by a trainer.

The internship period depends upon the area of the company (financial monitoring, stock market, etc.) and shall be discussed directly with a trainer.

Examination – is a test, consisting of 30 questions covering the lecterns and workshops materials. One should score at least 24 points to get the diploma and start the internship.

– – – –

International trips run several times a year. There is one or more countries in the destination, where the graduates meet the representatives of economic parliamentary committees, heads of diplomatic missions and trade representatives, directors of analytics centers.

We plan to visit Berlin and Brussels again and to arrange the trip to London and Washington in 2015 - 2016.